Insurance Claims

If your property was hit by a severe storm:

Before you begin repairs you want to be sure your insurance settlement is accurate and the scope of work is sufficient to fully restore your property. If you already filed a claim, it’s our experience that the initial adjuster’s assessment is often incomplete and/or not properly reflecting all the damage incurred. (Insurance adjuster’s must have a large general knowledge of construction, but not always an expertise in certain trades, thus missing damage, important components, proper pricing, etc.)

We’ve assembled a highly experienced and skilled team of experts to help you with your insurance claim at any stage of the process. Some of the services we supply:

-Review claim estimate for accuracy and appropriateness of repairs recommended

-Meet with the Insurance Company’s adjuster to assess damage and discuss proper restoration

-Employ or recommend Public Adjusters, Attorneys, Engineers, trades experts when needed

-Consult and advise you throughout the process to insure you’re fully informed and fairly treated

Once your damage is properly estimated and claim settled, we will repair the property.  After the work is complete we’ll help you collect any additional depreciation funds held by Insurance, assist with mortgage company endorsements and inspections and bring the entire project to completion.

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