Best Western Reference

August 1,2013

RE: Holiday Inn Express – Cedar Park and BEST WESTERN PLUS Marble Falls Inn

To Whom It May Concern,

If you are considering hiring Ranger Construction to repair your property, I’d like to offer you my highest recommendation of them.

After hail and wind storms hit our properties, we engaged a roofing contractor we have used for years to help us with the damages. The adjusters refused to pay us enough to complete the projects and our roofer was ill equipped to handle the strong resistance from the Insurance Company.

I had received solicitations from many other contractors, and chose to speak with Ranger based on their information package and persistence. We met, and I was inspired that they could fix all the problems I was having. They seemed to really know their business. I verified their references and hired them. I am very glad I did because they have done everything I hoped they would.

I have been working with them for several months now on two large projects and can say without hesitation, hire them. They know how to deal with the Insurance Companies and adjusters and will be a strong ally on your side to get your property 100% taken care of. Best of all, they take a lot of the headache out of dealing with the Insurance people. Trust their lead and they will get your job done. (read more)


John Merrill, CPCU, CLU
1302 S Vine Ave
Tyler, TX 75701-2822
I wanted to let you know l appreciate all you and Ranger Roofing did for me and my clients in Tyler. l am very hesitant to use out of the area vendors to assist with claims for my client base. You and your company proved me wrong. Your team did a great job and l heard nothing but positive comments from each and every client you contracted with for their roof repair or replacement.
I thank you and Wish you well.
John Merrill
Insurance Agent

kenneth day cpa

April 4, 2013

Kenneth Day

To Whom lt May Concern,

ln 2011, l asked Ranger to come out and look at replacing the old roof on my office building, During their inspection they identiñed hail storm damage and encouraged me to make a claim. I filed the claim, and was sternly denied by my insurance company. John George and Mike Biles assured me that they could help me strategically challenge the insurance company’s decision with the strong hope of a favorable outcome. They told me exactly what the process would be, what the insurance company would likely do, when we would need to escalate, if and when we would need attorney, etc.

They had a team working on it, it took several months, but in the end I received a full settlement for every bit of damage to our property. My roof replacement would have cost us over $100,000. From $0 to over $100,000 was a great result for us. We are very grateful. (read more)

Reference Hamilton Commission Company

July 15, 2012

To Whom It May Concern:

Mike Biles and John George from Ranger Roofing and Construction really helped us with rebuilding our property after the hail-storm. We were not aware ofthe extent ofthe damage until they Walked through our front door and introduced themselves.

Initially our insurance company offered us such a low amount for the damage that it Wasn’t enough to get the job done. Ranger Went to bat for us; they uncovered much more damage, met with the adjusters, handled the paperwork and negotiated on our behalf. The final claim was nearly three times the original adjuster’s estimate!

They managed the entire reconstruction project. They handled the electrical, air conditioning, guttering, Welding, rooñng, siding, windows, and everything else involved. We didn’t have to do hardly anything except coordinate the Work schedule with our ongoing business. (read more)

Reference The Circle T Inn


March 17, 2012

Re: Restoration of The Circle T Inn

To Whom it may concern,

For the Work Ranger did for us, I’rn very happy to recommend them.

Last Summer our hotel Was hit by a severe hail and wind storm that damaged our roof, AC
eondensers, gutters, light ñxtures, put large holes in the stucco, and broke multiple Windows
causing interior damage. The Insurance company’s adjuster came out and Wrote an estimate for
some ofthe repairs but it Was grossly insufficient to make us Whole again. We had met with
several contractors, but none of them could do what Ranger promised they could. Which was
help us get our claim straight with the Insurance company at no additional cost and manage the
entire Work process. It was a lot of work and We didn’t have the experience or resources to pull it
all together. (read more)

December 10, 2011

Mike Biles with Ranger Roofing asked me if I would write a reference letter for them and I’m glad to do it.

We are an independant agency that writes policies for many different insurance companies. We have policy holders around the state.

After the hail storm that hit Abilene in May 2011 a few of my customers were having trouble with their claims. Some were denied from the adjusters and some were only receiving partial amounts. I referred these situations to Mike to review the damage; either to confirm the adjuster was accurate or to see if something was missed. In nearly every case something was missed and he was able to turn the claim around. Some went from nothing to completely new roofs being covered under their policies. (read more)

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