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Stone Coated Steel For Your Commercial Building

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Stone coated steel

Ranger Roofing & Construction takes care of countless customers each year, many of whom opt for Stone Coated Steel roofing. Any experienced roofing contractor can tell you that, when it comes to roofing options, stone coated steel is an excellent choice.

When planning for a commercial or industrial facility, budget is often the driving force. That means the priorities are usually cost-effectiveness and longevity, over appearance.

However, one of the selling traits for Stone Coated Steel is that you can have all of the above. There's no need to sacrifice one for the other if you can make a choice that incorporates all the desirable traits.

Understand the Difference Stone Coated Steel Offers

Without research, the average person thinks sheet metal roofing could be the same as Stone Coated Steel. Of course, roofing experts realize that's not true.

We want our clients to understand this too. It's the best way for us to be able to help our customers make good decisions about their own roofing.

Some details that you should know about this option for a reliable roofing material:

  • Durable and Strong
  • Weather-Resistant
  • Protects Against UV Rays
  • Provides Additional Insulation
  • Improves Energy-Efficiency

Your rooftop can do more than just protect your building, although that's a tall order to fill, as well. Your roofing should be able to safeguard against the elements and extreme weather, but there's more than that.

It is improving efficiency by adding insulation and preventing heat index increase from UV rays, which saves you money each month. Plus, it enables you to state that your business is taking steps to be Eco-friendly, which is every company's responsibility now.

All This and Curb Appeal Too!

As with most roofing systems, you can settle for a practical style. If the appearance of your exterior doesn't matter, then a functional-looking roof may save you money.

However, if your goal is a durable roof that's energy-efficient but also looks great, make sure that you know about stone coated steel. This superior product is constructed from steel, covered with stone chips that are attached to an acrylic film.

You get all of this excellent protection in a lightweight material. That makes it easy to transport and install, which reduces the cost of the materials and job.

Plus, you don't have the common problems that you run into with materials like shingles. There's no curling, cracking, or tear off as you may deal with asphalt shingles.

Get in touch with us today and find out if Stone Coated Steel roofing would be right for your structure.

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