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Top Reasons to Avoid Ponding Water On Your Commercial Roofing System

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Avoid ponding water

Any reputable commercial roofing company will tell you that ponding water on your roof is something you need to take seriously. It's the type of issue you should address as soon as yesterday.

Obviously, the goal is to avoid this problem from developing in the first place. However, being aware of what causes it and the harm that can result will help.

Knowing to treat the problem seriously and get repair service immediately can be the difference between roof repairs and roof replacement. Whether it's commercial roofing, industrial roofing, or multi-family roofing, avoiding ponding water will help a great deal.

What it Means for Your Commercial Building

Well-designed and properly maintained rooftops can withstand a great deal of wear and tear and exposure to the elements. However, no roof will hold up long against the formation of pools of standing water, which is defined as water still lingering 48 hours after rain.

If you have ponding water and choose to ignore it, you're facing the possibility of dealing with:

  • Vegetation

At ground level, water leading to the growth of vegetation is a welcome event - at roof level, not so much. Prevent the development and growth of issues like weeds by preventing pooling water on your rooftop. That's not the kind of rooftop "garden" you want.

  • Mold & Algae

Of course, another type of growth that thrives in moist conditions is mold or algae. This not only makes your roof look bad, but it can also develop into rot. Preserve the condition of your roof by eliminating the right conditions for fungal growth.

  • Insects, Pests, and Birds

As lovely as it sounds, your roof shouldn't become a wildlife habitat. You especially don't want bugs like mosquitoes making your roof their home. Avoid sharing your space with anything that can be a disease-carrier.

  • Leaks

Even with the most durable roofing system, water intrusion can lead to severe damage. It may take longer than with a traditional shingle roofing system, but it will still occur.

  • Ice Damage

We're fortunate to not have to deal much with frigid winter weather, but ice still happens. When it forms on your roof, the free and thaw cycle can wreak havoc and lead to permanent damage.

From installation to maintenance and eventually, to replacement, you need a reputable roofer. Ranger Roofing & Construction has been the leading local contender for roofing service since first launching the business in 2005.

You'll be able to have peace of mind knowing our team is on the job, working hard for you. Get in touch with us now and trust us to act as your Dayton commercial roofing contractor.

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